Our Product Packaging: Clear Glass

Our Product Packaging: Clear Glass

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So, you know that I use clear glass packaging for the majority of my products. I utilize glass simply because it can be recycled over and over again. And although I am working towards moving to aluminum for certain products, glass is where I'll be staying, for now. 

The biggest question I get asked about glass and my products is why I don't use frosted or amber, or any other color, for packaging?

Well, simply, clear glass is so common that it is accepted by all municipalities that recycle glass. 

These also helped my decision...

First, for those municipalities that do recycle glass, not all accept amber glass.

Second, even less municipalities accept green, blue, or other colors due to the general make-up of this glass during manufacturing.

Third, frosted glass is made through chemical processing and cannot be recycled. 

So, when you're holding your beard oil, face oil, or any other oil product I make, the above is why those oils are in a clear glass package. Make sure you keep out of prolonged, direct sunlight.

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