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My company is a small-batch, handmade skincare company with products for all skin types, focusing on mature and sensitive. My products are made as clean as possible, utilizing plant-based, natural, naturally-derived, and organic ingredients. Working with my company means working with a one-person team. I'm small, but I have high hopes and goals, and would love to work with a community that believes in small-business, the underdog, and the growth of handmade. During our collaboration, I offer one (1) free product every 60 days for you to try, use, and support through your social media posts. You, of course, will also receive a 10% discount code to offer to your community, as well as use for your personal use on all product. I do ask that you engage with your community at least 5x per each gifted product. There might be additional opportunity through campaigns, testing phases, etc., that could come up during our collaboration that will be shared with you.

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