Goodbye 2022, Welcome 2023

Goodbye 2022, Welcome 2023

Saying goodbye can sometimes be very difficult, but I think with 2022, like 2021 and 2020, we all may be a little glad it is behind us. Overall, 2022 was a good year with many beautiful moments, but personally, a few sad times topped the memory list.

Goodbye 2022

Rising Costs, and continuing rising costs, and how I kept going

The cost of everything hit HARD in 2022. From the consumer perspective the cost of living was tremendous, with increases in fuel, food, and utilities. In my business the cost pf packaging, raw ingredients, and shipping charges sky rocketed.

As a small, handmade business, I don't have a lot of sway with my vendors like larger corporations do. Trying to negotiate lower costs simply didn't work, unfortunately. I didn't let this stop me.

I became a little more creative with sourcing raw ingredients without compromising, and with relatively low costs increases. Many times, I was able to source improved ingredients resulting in better final products, too!

Sourcing low-cost packaging has still been a bit difficult. Product container companies continue to rise and I don't see this slowing going into 2023. This challenge had me making some decisions earlier in changing out containers than I wanted to.

Events, and more events

At the end of 2021, I made the commitment to do as many live events as I could in 2022 - at least one per month. Well, I did a ton, learned a ton, and won't be doing a ton again.

It was wonderful to meet so many existing customers face-to-face, and capture new customers, teaching them about my products, ingredients, and how it all started. With all that said, several of the events didn't have the positive outcomes that Natural State Skincare really needed, and so I will drastically cutback in-person events.

I will continue to support in-person events organized by NWA Girl Gang and the indoor Bentonville Farmer's Market @ Record, when available.

New products to try out

New products made their introductions in 2022 like my oat themed collection, face wash bars exclusive to Hippie Hollow Refill (Fayetteville, AR), new green tea products - cleansing balm and body balm, along with a variety of new scents of existing favorites. And the new cream deodorants have been a hit!

Don't worry - lots of NEW and CREATIVE happening in 2023!

New ways to buy my products

The year started with a great partnership with Hippie Hollow Refill in Fayetteville, AR. Arkansas's first refillery, Hippie Hollow Refill carries several of my products as refill options. This partnership will only be growing... so make sure to keep an eye open for all the new things in 2023!

I also opened a small storefront at The Shops at BrickCity Fayetteville, Evelyn Hills Shopping Center, in Fayetteville, AR. What a learning experience! I've made the decision to move out of this location in April 2023.

And a second location you can find my products in is The Crafty Shambles, Bentonville, AR. This is a fun shop that hosts many makers from around the NW Arkansas area with a variety of products to choose from. Not only can you buy my products there, but they host a variety of classes that you will enjoy. Check them out!

The great price cut ever!

Although costs increased everywhere, and not all well-thought plans generated positive outcomes for me, the one thing I'm extremely proud of this year...

I was able to decrease my retails on ALL of my products giving YOU an even better cost for all of your favorites. On some items, I was able to lower retails as much as $5.00! 

And with that, I say goodbye to 2022!

Welcome 2023

There are all sorts of possibilities for 2023. My planner has already been in overdrive with working out what I'm doing this year!

Improved partnerships with local, small business

It's only getting brighter with Hippie Hollow Refill, but there are several partnerships coming to fruition with ingredients in products and more locations where you can find my skincare line.

These will all be announced at the individual time, so be patient, and keep watching social media!

New Products

No dates, a of yet, for the below launches, but many are right around the corner and others may take a bit longer. Keep a watch out!

  • Hair care products ARE coming... sooner than later.
  • Minty products for the feet
  • Vitamin C serum... well, you asked for it!
  • Beer soap line, featuring Natural State Beer
  • Salt brine soap line

Packaging and labeling transitions are happening

This year has me transitioning to new packaging for many items. From clear to auburn glass; clay masks are moving from glass to compostable pouches; face and eye creams from glass to aluminum tins; and scrubs will be moving from glass to aluminum tins. 

The label design is changing, too!

While this transition is happening, please be patient as I move out of old packaging into new packaging.

Creative, limited edition items will be available

During 2022, I tried several creative ingredients that I now have planned out to do limited edition items. These will be fun creations that are for a limited time, so grab them up while you can.

Well, I think that's it!

Welcome 2023!

And to all of you, thank you so much for your continued support. I appreciate having you by my side during this journey and I expect 2023 to be our best year yet!

With Gratitude,


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