The Natural State Skincare Co. is a small-batch, handmade skincare company. My products are applicable for all skin types with a focus on creating products that benefit mature, sensitive skin. My products are vegan and made as clean as possible, utilizing natural or naturally-derived, and organic ingredients, when available.

I do use a preservative in my products. You can read more about that here. As a small-batch, handmade business, I do look to the guidance of the Whole Foods Clean Beauty program and standards.  

Products are always created in small batches of 12 or less units to maintain freshness.

And one more thing...I believe in well-aging, not anti-aging. Aging is inevitable, so lets do it with the best skin possible! 

All finished products are made in Arkansas, U.S.A. and my company is a Woman and Veteran-owned small business.

Something Extra

As a handmade, small-batch business, I am a one-person show. I strive to give my best when it comes to ALL aspects of my business. Please understand that all processes (production, order processing, shipping, etc.,) have timetables associated with how each area completes. Specific to shipping and processing orders, I have built a processing window of 4 days to allow me to give ALL areas the time each deserves. I appreciate your understanding of this and your patronage of my business. 

Causes Supported by NSS

Your purchase is two-fold. The Natural State Skincare Co. supports causes that advocate for those experiencing homelessness. The United States was experiencing a rise in homelessness prior to the pandemic and this rise continued through 2020 as individuals and families experienced job loss and evictions. We hope our efforts to help those experiencing homelessness makes a long lasting impact for veterans, individuals, and families.

In addition to advocating for those experiencing homelessness, The Natural State Skincare Co. supports organizations that offer sanctuary and advocate for those that are furry and typically walk on all fours. Our animal friends need support as well and I will do my best to help where I can. Our efforts will go towards small to large, paw to hoof.

Each quarter, The Natural State Skincare Co. makes a donation to charities that serve those experiencing homelessness and are in need of sanctuary. This makes your purchase extremely special as someone will receive aid they may not have otherwise received.