January is National Oatmeal Month

January is National Oatmeal Month

I get it...oats are not always one's favorite food, but...oats are a beautiful ingredient to use in skincare, and boy do I use oats in my skincare!

So, when I learned that January was National Oatmeal Month, I wanted to work out a way to celebrate the month through skincare.

My goal is to create five (5) new oat-inspired products to add to my skincare line. The five items planned this National Oatmeal Month are:

✨Oat Milk Bath
✨Oat Milk Lotion
✨Oat Lavender Face Moisturizer
✨Oat Water Toner
✨Oat Solid Face Wash OR Oat Soap Loofah Bar OR maybe both!

The best thing about all of this is in February I will be doing a giveaway that will include all of my oat-related products - new and existing items! This giveaway is approximately a $200+ retail. Stay tuned for this!

I will be doing weekly updates when product releases on Instagram and Facebook. Are you following me? You can also sign up for my newsletter which I will be utilizing during this month to share weekly updates.

Have a beautiful day!

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