The Sanctuary Collection

The Sanctuary Collection

The Sanctuary Collection is a collection of items where $1.00 for each collection  item sold will go towards animal sanctuaries and rescues to help alleviate the rising costs associated with the care of abused and abandoned animals.

The first skincare items to be part of this collection are my Gemstone Serums. The Gemstone Serums consist of 3 serums - Blue Malachite, Green Peridot, and Red Hematite. The 3 serums were formulated around gemstones that are thought to have healing properties for the skin. The 'healing' potential believed to be part of these gemstones is why these 3 items are our first of the collection. 

The Sanctuary Collection will grow overtime to include body soaps, like calamine, charcoal, and chlorella; a facial spa kit; and a foot spa kit.

*I will update this post each time an item is added to the collection.

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