Updated: Creating A Skincare Routine

Updated: Creating A Skincare Routine

A skincare routine is unique to each person. What works for me may not work for you.
One of my quests is to learn more about the various skincare routines that are across the internet. It is amazing the span of simple to complex levels one can go through in an effort for glowing skin.
One thing I practice that you will hear echoed across many individuals, simple is better. In my opinion, you really only need three steps in your routine: to cleanse, to moisturize, and to apply an SPF. This is the basic routine that I suggest everyone should practice.
Now that we got that out of the way there are, of course, a few more steps that can be added to a routine to round out the overall benefits of other products that can help achieve a more balanced, glowing appearance.
These items are hydrating mists and essences; serums that may minimize the effects of the day-to-day hustle; and masks that may work to achieve a certain glow.
The graphic below, I created based on a personal routine that really is very fluid based on how my skin is feeling each day. I use it as a guide, but I'm certainly not beholden to it. Hopefully, it may give you some inspiration to build your own skincare routine. 


Step 1. Cleanse. AM and PM.

Step 2. Toner and/or Mist. AM and PM. 

We will be elevating our current toner formulations in July/August 2023 to include a 2-in-1 blending a toner AND essence to gain the best of both!

OPTIONAL. After a cleanse and toner/essence, add a sheet mask for a little bit extra! I suggest after the cleansing portion of your routine and before beginning any serums, etc.

Step 3. Serums. AM and PM.

What is great about my serums is that they can be used AM, PM, or both. Find the system that works for you!

Step 4. Eye Cream. AM and PM.

We will be elevating the eye cream soon! It won't change ingredients, so don't worry there, but I will be transitioning to a gel.

Step 5. Moisturizer and Oils. AM and PM.

Step 6. SPF or Sleeping Mask. AM and PM.

Additional. Daily. Whenever you want!

Additional/Option. Once Weekly. PM.

An optional step, but highly recommended, a weekly mask to help exfoliate and cleanse those pores! If you choose to do more than once per week, listen to your skin! 


Just remember, no matter the skincare routine you build for you and your skin - listen to your skin! It truly does know best!

Have a beautiful day!

(original: 3.30.21; updated: 7.26.23)

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